How to connect with the right people on LinkedIn?

Currently more than 756 million users in 200+ countries, LinkedIn is one of the clear leader for connecting with B2B prospects, potential hires, and business partners.

Even so, LinkedIn will be discouraging. New users have to be compelled to ask not only whom they must connect with, however also to whom they shouldn’t connect with. At identical time, that hesitation will slow your progress toward building new connections and increasing your skilled network.

If you did think of 722 million users, it wouldn’t be tough to attach with 500+ folks and become a brilliant connector. However when you’ve exhausted your own contacts list, it will be robust to understand if you’re using the foremost effective methods of reaching out.

Branding the credibility

Whether or not the connections you have got are of any worth, the amount of connections you have got carries loads of weight. However, once it involves building credibility on LinkedIn, the worth of connections should be viewed at intervals a bigger context than simply a number on a screen (i.e. 500+ connections). Experience is important so as to create the proper connections. And by building the proper connections, you’ll receive the most effective recommendations and results in future relationships. This method can build and nurture a healthy cluster of connections and can remodel your personal profile on LinkedIn into one that adds credibility and growth to your skilled service.

First and foremost – personalize the connection

It’s vital to know the way to connect with somebody on LinkedIn in an exceedingly way that puts them comfortable. Once scrolling through LinkedIn’s list of “people you’ll know,” don’t merely click the “connect” button and fire off a generic request. Instead, click into the individual’s profile page and click on the “connect” button there. That may refer the box shown below and permit you to feature a private note with your affiliation request.

If you’re curious about connecting with somebody you don’t apprehend, like someone who works in an exceedingly similar role at another company, add relevance by letting them apprehend why you’re messaging them.

People we worked with

Your colleagues and former bosses are the primary tier of your network. Treat them well, as they could be the results of you obtaining stated a position—employers settle for referrals from folks they understand and trust. By treating them well, I mean do not raise them for a favor in your initial invite. As an example, somebody you worked with is aware of the director of engineering at one in all your target firms. You’ll ask for an introduction and a form word from your former colleague

People working in similar field.

It is vital to create your network—to over five hundred individuals—but the people in your network ought to be some 80th like-minded. What I mean be this is often they ought to be within the same or similar occupation and industry, or identical occupation but in a completely different industry. The benefits of making a network of like-minded individuals are: initial, the content you share or produce can resonate with more individuals in your network. Second, once relationships are powerfully molded, you and your connections can give one another with leads that may lead to adding additional valuable individuals to your network or, better yet, potential job leads.


Recruiters may be a good can be of networking; in spite of everything, they have a pipeline of employers of which we are unaware. If you are connecting with any recruiters make sure they serves your same field. Getting along with them and establishing a well known connection will help you for sure at least in the future. You’ll be able to also getting sense of a recruiter’s character by reading their LinkedIn profile.

People with a great deal of connections

It might be their job or just be their way, some individuals have an unimaginable quantity of contacts. Those who have a great deal of contacts will really act as helpful links between you and other people or jobs. And they’re going to be very simple to approach as they probably add almost everyone.

Join LinkedIn teams

If you would like to get noticed and build meaningful connections with trade contacts on LinkedIn, an excellent strategy is to join LinkedIn groups associated with your field of profession. For instance, a fast search of the cluster section for the keyword “tech” leads to regarding 22,000 groups. If you be part of a number of active teams, thousands of individuals in your trade might see your profile. That is a great deal of potential additions to your network.

For this strategy to be effective, you wish to move with the LinkedIn cluster. Participate in discussions, answer queries that showcase your experience, and share relevant content. Bear in mind that teams are about community, not all regarding you. Focus a lot of on being a valuable member of the cluster than on merchandising yourself. You would like alternative members to note you while not being irritated by you.


LinkedIn networking may be a good way to create positive connections in your industry, not solely in your space however globally. You never grasp what opportunities might arise once you will build meaningful relationships with consultants, recruiters and potential purchasers online.

– Nihal KV

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