How to Make a Great Profile in LinkedIn for Students?

As we all know a great profile in LinkedIn is an essential feature for highlighted opportunities. With the help of a great profile and rich work experience you can land on any job you want, even your dream jobs. But as a skilled professional it would be easy to spotlight your profile because there would be a lot of things that would cherish your profile. Things like your educational qualification your background and all the work experience you gained will really stand out.

But being a student and a beginner without a rich qualified background how will be it possible to have a great profile for LinkedIn?. This is the most asked question by the student community as they face this dilemma through out their settlement phrase.

As a student you think you don’t have any kind of exposure or experience but it’s totally wrong. We have undermined our abilities and what all we have come through. As a student myself I pretty sure that almost everyone have come across some kind of achievements and awards in their life worth noting. There is more to this stuff always that contribute like our own skills and potentials. Which field of expertise we like, what are our hobbies, how we push our limits and academic exposure, having knowledge about a particular type of subject is also worth.

Choose an appropriate profile picture

This must be a select a professional, high-quality headshot of you alone, not that of party pics or sticker photos that you upload in Facebook.


Most vital part that you’re struggling to fill is your bio. Here, you’ll be able to concisely explain your background and story and Share what you are looking for: like mentors, jobs, new opportunities or volunteering. You can also add interesting facts about you.

Education and training

School or faculty qualifications, achievements, and assignments, University qualifications, assignments, projects, shows, essays, or analysis papers. Training courses attended. Reed Courses have some nice and free courses without delay. Choose a course of interest and relevancy to your career aspirations and goals.

Volunteering  or charity work

Volunteering offers you such a large amount of benefits; It offers you opportunities to demonstrate several skills like, communication, operating as a team, client service, and also the ability to follow instructions and guidance. It additionally offers you a good chance to network with folks regionally and this might cause paid work.

If you’re operating with the general public you’ll demonstrate client service, communication skills, and also the ability to be sympathetic if you’re supporting folks through crisis or challenge. (Cancer analysis, Salvation Army, or Crisis for example).

Value and characteristics

Here describe yourself as a person. Your character your likes and dislikes and the good values you posses. For example you could say you are always optimistic about everything and you can turn any negative situation into the fuel you need to move forward.

Hobbies and interests

When you haven’t got any work expertise you’ll still demonstrate your competencies and characteristics through your hobbies and interests. This can be sports; soccer, netball, swimming, horse riding, cycling, running, or jogging.

It also can be any of the following arts and crafts; stitching, knitting, croquette, needlecraft, making greetings cards, upcycling furnishings, painting, etc.It can even include computer proficiency, gaming, reading, studying, researching and there are many more of course.

Use keywords for the skill section

While entering your skills that you posses you have to take extra care, because recruiters or hiring managers might search for a particular skill on search engine to find the specific person. So choose the ones that makes you easy to find.

Be active and update your status and posts

Make sure that you be active in LinkedIn. This will help others and the common people in your connection to track you easily. You can show people the events you attended the seminars you initiated and the projects that you are presently working on. You can also upload the professional books that you have just read.

Do make your own unique URL

Like this (for example: You can also include your email id within the URL, which is also one way to show your professionalism.


We hope you enjoyed our article about how to create a great LinkedIn profile. With this knowledge, we know that you can present yourself on LinkedIn with confidence. So what are you waiting for? Get started on your LinkedIn profile today.

Nihal K V

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