What Is LinkedIn? What are the benifits of using LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a social media tool used for making and maintaining professional profiles, building and enhancing one’s personal brand and reputation, establishing and locating experience, networking with skilled contacts, sending personal or cluster email messages to contacts, sorting out jobs, sourcing and hiring candidates, blogging and posting updates, joining and taking part in community teams, and sharing data.

LinkedIn (company) describes itself as world’s largest professional network with over 722 million users in more than two hundred countries and territories worldwide.

In 2016 Microsoft acquired LinkedIn. Since the new offerings, the platform has remodeled into an energetic social platform.LinkedIn is mainly used for professional purposes. While it is similar to Facebook that is also a social networking site, LinkedIn is focused on helping people connect and share their expertise. LinkedIn is primarily used by job seekers, unit of time managers and recruiters for the aim of connecting concerning career placement.

Having a well-written LinkedIn profile is very important for recruiters. Having a good one is also beneficial for candidates as it can help them land a job.

What Are the Benefits of Having Linkedin?

  1. It’s all about personal branding. By developing and keeping your profile updated on LinkedIn, you’re making your own brand. LinkedIn comes with options like recommendations and endorsements. Folks that recognize you and might have worked with you can additionally write a testimonial for you which of them further validate and reinforces your areas of experience. This makes it bit a lot of real and fascinating.
  2. It helps you to land on your job of dreams. Once you send your resume to an organization, what does one do usually? You send the resume and so wait. However here in LinkedIn, instead of being a passive job seeker, you’ll be able to actively follow up with the corporate or the hiring manager. While not sounding too desperate, you’ll be able to follow up with the recruiter which is able to show that you simply square measure a proactive skilled in the job world.•
  3. To showcase your skills and business. LinkedIn is used as a professional identity and a platform to showcase your skills. If somebody could be a sensible author, he/she will write articles and post it on LinkedIn. It’ll be viewed by several, and you never know a good chance somewhere could be expecting you. For someone who is running his own business, he/she will use this platform to push his merchandise or services that his company is giving.
  4. Knowing and being part of trends, news and information. LinkedIn, nowadays, has become a platform to realize and share information. It’s just like the exchange of information and values. This provides you a platform to grasp nice things from Influencers. They keep commercial enterprise posts, articles and plenty of additional knowledgeable things concerning the trade. Young professionals will reap nice advantages from exploitation LinkedIn.
  5. A Wider Opportunity – By being active on LinkedIn, you’re creating your profile out there for a broader audience. LinkedIn isn’t solely being employed in First world countries but overseas as well to a good extent. So, once you complete your profile on LinkedIn with the proper selection of Keywords and content, it’ll be visible to them Over the country barriers.
  6. Authentic and serious – With the exception of some mock profile, LinkedIn Is to be real and authentic because it takes all the original and correct info. People, transfer their own image and update their own skilled and academic background. Most people do use LinkedIn for professional purpose Unless and until We will be Uploading correct info, we’ll not get anything relevant and it’ll not be helpful. Therefore individuals typically avoid mentioning fake details or false info. This is why people add professional profile pictures and posts different from one in Facebook and other social media platforms where they tend to upload a bunch of selfies and posts like which restaurant they are going to have dinner later.
  7. Good way to be in touch: In today’s busy world, we have a tendency to sometimes don’t get time to physically network with our colleagues, peers, and ex-colleagues. LinkedIn provides you a chance to stay to bear along with your professional world.


Finally if you’re not active on LinkedIn you would possibly lose a good chance. If the hiring manager doesn’t notice you on Google search, it’ll offer an impression that you simply might not be Tech savvy and care less to get connected with a world of professionals.

– Nihal KV

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